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Emily Xu
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Sowa Marketing Agency is a creative agency based in Rhode Island. They specialize in website design and branding. Originally, they started out at MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge when the founder Aidan Sowa learned the basics of digital marketing. Over time, they have created a team to be able to handle all your needs from helping you attain local dominance and even get featured in the media.

Aidan Sowa started the business originally to just sell lead generation to local real estate agents and credit repair companies in Rhode Island. However, they found that their clients were consistently looking for additional services. Clients would ask them, "Do you know anyone who can help me a create a website?"

Their first new offering were SEO and website design and they found that their clients were consistently happier. Their first client, Nam Le, had his total traffic to his website double in his first two months.

However, they felt they needed their own "secret sauce" to truly be different from the thousands of other digital marketers.

Aidan Sowa remarked, "Sometimes people would ask us, what makes you different than the thousands of other agencies out there?" As a result, they continued to offer their main services, but also started to improve their website and brand.

Soon after, they got relations with some major media sites and started getting people featured in the media like Fox, ABC, Yahoo! Finance and many more sites. Aidan said, "This relationship really changed the game for us. Clients are able to stand out from their competitors just by being associated with these major media outlets. In addition, it is a unique offering as most companies only help large corporations or politicians get featured in the media."

Now they have expanded to offer additional services such as getting people featured on podcasts, LinkedIn B2B services, Instagram celebrity giveaways and more. They also have been featured in Fox, ABC, NBC, Yahoo! Finance, Disrupt Magazine, Digital Journal and many more media sites.

Currently the company is looking to offer even more services such as getting people their own Google Panel or Wikipedia page to provide an additional opportunity for entrepreneurs to improve their brand.

The goal with the agency is to expand worldwide and get even more testimonials of happy clients. Aidan said, "In the end of the day if you want to be successful with your business you need to stop being selfish. You need to figure out what your customer's needs and provide the service necessary."

If you're interested in learning more about Sowa Marketing Agency, check out their website.



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